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What is a comedy hypnosis show?

A Comedy Hypnosis Show is a Hypnosis Show performed for entertainment purposes. It delivers a comedic performance rather than a demonstration to impress an audience with powers of persuasion. 

A hypnotic stage show is the perfect alternative to the usual singer comedian or band as the entertainment is provided not by the hypnotist but by those members of the audience who through hypnosis become the stars of the show.

The performance is 60 – 90 (can be tailored to fit your schedule) minutes of pure enlightening fun!

The performance begins with a brief and interactive introduction to hypnosis that gets everyone excited to be a part of the show.

More people will want to volunteer than are necessary, but 12-20 (can be more or less) self-selecting volunteers are invited to take a seat on stage.

The Hypnosis Show participants are rapidly hypnotized into a natural trance state, and the fun begins!

The hypnotic trance state creates a sense of heightened awareness that brings out the best in the volunteer performers. Your volunteers role-play in various hypnosis comedy routines that have your audience doubled over with laughter.

It is with his participants in this hypnotized state, that Rob builds his enormously entertaining performance, enjoining participants and audience members alike together with his fast-paced comedic wit in a superb, unforgettable one of a kind performance.

Each participant will react differently to the suggestions offered, so no two shows are ever alike! Because of this unique factor, Rob is able to personalize the performance to fit any event or corporate function.

Rob will then explore the creativity and imagination within the subconscious minds of his participants.

During the performance you will be thrilled to see a lot of things that you always thought were impossible! You will laugh out loud while the impossible happens before your eyes.

Everyone in attendance will be THRILLED with the show. They’ll linger after the performance to share stories about what they just witnessed, and they’ll depart with sincere appreciation of your quality event. 


Rob has been performing Hypnosis for many years. He has the talent and the experience to bring an awesome show to any venue.

Supports your business: Each show is fully supported by promotional materials and high quality marketing pack to help you promote your event.

He has a reputation for being fun and easy to work with.

Rob is fully insured with a safety record of no accidents. Your safety is his top priority. Rob does not lay his volunteers on the ground nor does he allow them to fall out of chairs. This is a safe and clean show.

Rob lives in Texas and will travel nearly anywhere to perform.

Clean comedy entertainment, tastefully suited to all in attendance.

No two shows are the same - His performances are unique, hilarious, enlightening and always tasteful.

Good Nature: His playful nature on stage adds to the excitement of his show.

Professional stage hypnotist: Rob is an actual certified hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotist as well as the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Associations.

Quality sound with great clean music to go along with performances. 

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