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Rob Zeke is an Associate Member and Preferred Provider for the Texas Association of Fairs and Events TAF&E
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Rob Zeke

Comedy Stage Hypnotist

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Rob Zeke's Comedy Hypnosis Shows are a fun, fast-paced, and tastefully delivered form of entertainment designed to engage your audience. Rob’s comedy hypnosis show features a completely open and observable process during which the audience becomes witness to a remarkable transformation (hypnosis); that of the participant’s journey from a conscious to a subconscious state of mind. Book Rob's comedy stage hypnosis shows for Post Proms, Project Graduations, Colleges, Fundraisers, Holiday Parties, Festivals, and Corporate events. Continue to read through Rob's site and get ready to have fantastic time at your next event! Booking Comedy Hypnotist Rob Zeke is easy. If you would like to book a performance you may do so by calling or filling out the contact form on this site today.

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